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Stop! Drop! And lie down!


Have you ever had a dog escape your arms or car or home? What is the first thing you do? If you’re like most people, you chase after them. They run and then you run.

The problem with our first instinct (to chase) is that it rarely gets us closer to getting them. In fact, the more we run the more they run…The truth is it can be pretty hard to go against the instinct to chase a loose dog, but we really must learn to so. Please note: These may not work with every dog, but they have worked with many.

What to do if a dog gets loose:

Stop, drop and sit/lie down – It might sound silly, but dogs find the behavior odd. When you don’t give chase and instead lie down and lie still, a dog will get curious and will often come back to see if you are okay or to see what you are doing.

Walk/Run in the opposite direction –Some dogs love a good chase. Instead of you chasing them, let them chase you. Even if the dog is not up for a good chase, he/she may be curious about your odd behavior and follow along until you can get near him.

Sit down with your back or side to the dog and wait – Again, dogs are thrown off by this odd behavior and will become curious and approach. The other advantage is that by sitting down with your side or back to them, you appear less threatening and they are more likely to approach. If you have good treats, place a few around you to draw them near.

Open a car door and ask the dog if he/she wants to go for a ride – It almost seems too simplistic and silly to be true, but many a dog has been fooled into hopping into a car because they were invited to go for a ride. It makes sense, especially if the dog has learned to associate the car with good things (e.g., the dog park).

Have you had luck catching a loose dog doing something counter-intuitive? Please share your own experience. We all love to learn!

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